About Us

We are a new locally owned and operated business in the Kalamazoo, Portage & surrounding areas since September of 2021.

Why start THIS business? From our own personal experiences over the years, we have rented many roll-off dumpsters from large waste management services for renovations and clean outs at our home. Due to the snug location of our driveway and low overhead powerlines, there were major challenges for the delivery of the heavy metal roll-offs to be placed without damage to the driveway or property. The delivery and pick-up of the roll-off’ were always concerning, also loading them up was less than desirable as they were always dirty (ew! What’s that!?!), rusty and had a horrible stench. With us you can expect a much different experience! You will find our dumpsters are always clean and can be placed on your property with ease. We understand no property is the same and each has its own obstacles, however with our residential friendly dumpster and our ability to maneuver you can put your worries aside.